Many companies who work with PR Agencies or marketing agencies often ask themselves how they can maximize on their relationship with each other. They ask what makes a great relationship between client and agency and asking these questions can make a difference to the relationship. You could be working with Marketing and Promotion Agencies for Healthcare and need the assistance of a PR agency so understanding how to work with one is important.

1. Ask how you can have the best client relationship. It seems like a simple question, but some clients never ask how they can enable PR agencies to do the best job on their account. If you’re going to pay for a PR agency, why not help them succeed? It’s like buying a brand-new car. It can get you to where you want to go, but if you never take the time to fill up with gas or change the oil every 3,000 miles, you might as well start walking.

2. Have a good product or service. Products all have basic quality standards to meet. Cars shouldn’t break down. A laptop should turn on and allow you to do basic computing. But none of these is what make consumers enthusiastic about products. I know you have the “most revolutionary product since the television,” but does it do anything beyond the bare minimums to be recognized in the product category?

3. Communicate. Communication starts with the getting started meeting/call and must continue throughout the campaign. Sharing goals and expectations with your agency early on can help them achieve your PR and growth objectives. Your PR team can do great things if they are in the loop. So what are good things to communicate?

• Upcoming product announcements
• New company hires
• New company partnerships, big customers, etc.
• Upcoming events or tradeshows your company is attending or hosting
• Interesting things that are happening within the industry
• Anything else you think could possibly be relevant to the media (refer to No. 5)

4. Provide feedback. A PR agency is doing a great job getting interest and securing coverage, but the client doesn’t give them any feedback on whether the coverage is even moving the needle with Web traffic, conversions, sales, etc. Agencies can change their focus relatively quickly if they are informed the current PR plan needs to be scrapped, but they need client feedback. Also, it’s always nice to give them a “good job” or “this is awesome” when securing a big coverage hit. They know you pay them to get coverage, but it’s always nice to get a “thanks” every once in a while. Don’t you agree?

5. Understand that they are the experts. Though agencies love suggestions and feedback, as I mentioned, it is also important that clients recognize that they are the experts and that they are paying the agency to know and deal with the media. Sometimes, companies need to trust them to do their jobs – even if it isn’t something that they necessarily want to hear.

- Burton Oquinn